Monday, April 1, 2013

My Spring Nail Picks!

I've picked out my top five favourite nail polishes for the spring season. 

Majority of these are pastel (pastels for spring? groundbreaking~), and then one bright pop. I usually save my super bright nail polish for the summer, so here are my subdued colours for spring. 

FYI: My nails were HORRIBLE when I was shooting this post, so Chris was an absolute gem and allowed me to paint his nails pastel colours and then take a million pictures of them. So special shout out to Chris for being such a good sport. 


Starting off with the Butter London polishes, I have two colours from their newest spring collection. I'm a huge fan of the Butter London formula, especially in their pastel shades. It's really hard to find a good pastel shade that applies practically opaque in one coat. 

The two colours here are Kerfluffle (really pretty pastel peach) and Fiver (your classic pastel mint green). 

My next two colours are both from the OPI variety and both happen to be little mini bottles I have. 

The first colour is a new shade from their spring line and is called You're Such a Budapest (pastel blue based lavender). The other nail polish is a Sephora for OPI shade called What Aura Gonna Wear (bright blue toned fuchsia). 

I have always loved OPI nail polishes, and I don't even mind the tiny little bottles application wise. 

The last polish is from Essie and is the only Essie polish I truly like. I have a hard time with their formula, but this colour in Lilacism (super pale lavender) is one of my favourites as it applies evenly. 

It is different from the previous OPI nail polish which you can see below: 

Here are all the colours swatched in the following order from left to right: 

  • You're Such a Budapest | OPI
  • Fiver | Butter London
  • What Aura You Gonna Wear | Sephora for OPI
  • Lilacism | Essie
  • Kerfluffle | Butter London

And there you have my top five nail polishes for spring!

-What are you favourite polishes for spring?
-Do you have any of the ones I've mentioned?
-Doesn't Chris have lovely hands?


  1. The nailpolishes look lovely! They make Chris' hands look like granny hands haha.

  2. I love OPI's "Totally Fort Worth It" as a spring pastel color, as well as Zoya's "Wednesday." Although, I'm wearing OPI's "Black Onyx" right now, since spring has yet to hit Colorado.

  3. I have the You're Such a Budapest and I looove it. Chris' hands are nicer than my hands, not going to lie

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  5. i love china glazes "refresh mint" even though it chips after like a day.
    also wet n wilds "I need a refresh mint" is a fave too, and that lasts for days! (btw lets take note of how uncreative nail companies are lol)

  6. Those are so pretty! I love China Glaze's Refresh Mint and pretty much all the pastel shades I have ;) Especially oranges! Chris the hand model! hahaha

  7. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (the short-ish, cylindrical bottles) are almost always opaque, even the pastel ones. I have one in Mint Sorbet and it's one of my favorites!

  8. I've been loving lilac nails too :) A good dupe in the UK is the Barry M's Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream!