Thursday, May 2, 2013

HOW TO: Soft Lips!

Spring is finally here (unless you live in Canada), so that means it's time to wake up those crusty lips and prep them for bright lipsticks! 

Today's post is a list of my favourite lip softening products and a little pictorial of my nightly lip routine.  

Don't worry, there will be no Maybelline baby lips or EOS lip balms anywhere near this post. I don't understand the hype for those products; they literally don't do shit. 


First up are my beloved Lush lip scrubs. 

These come in a variety of flavours (yes they are edible), but I only own Mint Julips and Bubblegum. Bubblegum is BY FAR my favourite one, and I'm pretty sure this is my third jar of the stuff. 

These are sugar based scrubs with a touch of oil in there to get shit going. They are completely edible, and I tend to lick this stuff off rather than wiping it off (unless I use with a lip balm underneath). 

Mint Julips tastes like mint chocolate chip icecream and Bubblegum just tastes like straight up Big League Chew original bubblegum (I love that stuff). 

This next product is from Fortune Cookie Soap! It's a portable lip scrub in a chapstick tube. 

It's called Itty Bitty Lip Scrub, and I have one in the pumpkin coconut flavour. They usually release these with different collections on their site, and I got this one in one of the monthly soap boxes. 

This lip scrub has a moisturizing base, so this is not edible, but tasty nonetheless. 

I don't care what everyone else on youtube says; you don't need to spend a lot of money on a quality lip balm. All of these gurus are constantly pushing expensive lip balms like Jack Black, Fresh Sugar, etc. 

Carmex has been a long time favourite of mine! It's super thick, super cheap, and it moisturizes my lips better than any lip balm I've ever tried. 

So here is my lip prepping routine: 


  • first I apply my lip balm
  • then I scrub my lips with a lip scrub I'm ~feelin' that day 
  • then I wipe off all the sugar (or lick)
  • then I apply one final layer of lip balm and sleep
So there you have it! My favourite lip softening products and how I use them. 

-Which Lush flavour should I try next?
-Don't you love my tiny upper lip in HD?
-Are you about to throw away your EOS and baby lips? 


  1. Try the popcorn flavoured lush lip scrub... it looks so interesting.

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  3. A moisturizer to try is definitely Josie Maran's Argan Oil! Worth the money and the hype-does a wonderful job.

  4. Have you ever tried a homemade lip scrub? If so, how does it compare with the lush ones? I don't have a lush near me so I've been looking for other alternatives. (PS. I signed up for the fortune cookie soap box because of you, expecting my first one this summer and I'm so excited!)

  5. i'm obsessed with aquaphor - i just slather it all over my lips before bed and they're so soft in the morning

  6. I have to say that I do love my Jack Black lip balms, but I won't go more expensive than that. I had the FRESH Sugar treatments as that sephora birthday gift but there's no way in hell I'd say so much for a lip balm.

  7. i really like the mint eos, i feel it does a good job of moisturizing for me but to each is his own. i definitely want to try one of the lush lip scrubs!! i have heard a few other gurus use and repurchase them as well. thanks for the flavor suggestions and keep doin yo thang :)

  8. great to know as always! it is like summer in Canada by the way(at least where i live)

  9. The popcorn one is really tasty!

  10. My favorite lipbalms ever are Zumbo kiss in cinnamon orange, and also anise, which is totally black licoricey and I love. But mostly for the moisture absorption factors.

  11. I think the Fresh lip balms are so overrated! Got the samples from the sephora bday thing last year and never use them anymore. Unfortunately carmex is horrible on me too. I have a tube from a friend and it feels like a cheap film on top of the dryness. Jack black lip balm is great for me though. Also, I'm totally going to try making a sugar scrub now!

  12. You should really just make your own lip scrub. It won't be nearly as tasty, but it cost pennies to make. Just a little bit of sugar (brown or white, whatever you prefer) and some olive oil!

  13. I passed over the lip scrubs (popcorn and bubblegum) last time I was at Lush because I had already spent so much! Definitely on my list for next time. I have become obsessed with having soft lips, so I will like trying this out. :)

  14. i never understood any of these products, but i live in los angeles where its summer all the time. no chapped lips. i usually just use my microscrubby washcloth on my lips when im washing my face or in the shower.

    where ya been, rachel? we missed you.

  15. Essscuse me! But I live in Canada and it is IN FACT spring here too!!!! :P
    Also this is great, you are great at pictorials, and you are also just great in general..... And so is your tiny upper lip. EVERYTHING IS GREAT ABOUT THIS.^.^

  16. I love that Carmex stuff, it works so well! I remember you did your holy grail video and you talked about it, and the next day I picked it up at RITE-AID. Thanks =)

  17. hahaha yeah just gonna chirp in with all the canadians, i'm in toronto and it is friggen summer over here. super hot and sunny every damn day wooo. and mmmm those lush lip scrubs are so good, especially in the popcorn one !

  18. those lush products look so delicious! i've used carmex before but i feel like it makes your lips dependant on the product so that without it, it becomes extra dry... :(

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  20. Rachel, I am huge fan but we cant discuss that later haah!
    So I seriously have a question about lip lines...
    I have lines in my lips, and whenever I put lipstick on it goes right into the lines, (even lip liner does the same)
    and its soo upsetting because I have good lipsticks, its just my liplines get in the way and prevent me from wearing it :(
    I tried to find tips, but people keep talking about lip lines around the mouth having to do with wrinkles
    If you could answer that ould be amazing and so helpful
    I really want to rock some colors for the spring and summer hahah

    1. (btw I exfoliate and that doesnt really help the problem
      i did lik this blog post, love the picture quality

  21. I agree with you! EOS is not a good product. It just feels waxy and icky on your lips, and it's not moisturizing!