Sunday, May 26, 2013

REVIEW & SWATCH: ZOYA Pixie Dust Nail Polish

Today's post also comes with a video! My first "quickie" was filmed surrounding these precious gems. Make sure you watch it if you want to hear my explicit thoughts on these nail polishes. 

Lots of nail polish brands have been popping out textured nail polishes lately. If you're anything like me, you've hopped on this bandwagon. From OPI to Sally Hansen, textured nail polishes seem to be ~where it's at. 

However, Zoya decided to take things up a notch and whip out a textured nail polish with GLITTER! These, in my opinion, are far better looking than your average bumpy nail polish. 


The two nail polishes I have from the Pixie Dust range are Godiva and Dahlia (above). 

The bottle is your typical Zoya bottle but with a matte black lid that has a rubberized effect on it (think Nars packaging) which makes it pretty easy to open. The brush resembles the Essie brushes which I don't mind at all. 

The formula doesn't feel gritty or lumpy or uneven when applying. This makes it incredibly easy to apply this polish evenly without missing spots. With one coat, the polish is pretty sheer. I find this works best when you use two thin coats and make it dry COMPLETELY. Make sure you let them dry for at least 15 minutes. They might look dry after five, but just give them another ten minutes to ensure you don't fuck them up. 

That being said, I personally think a 15-20 minute dry time is incredible. I've had some polishes take up to an hour to dry without smudging. And the great part is that once they dry they NEVER FUCKING MOVE EVER AGAIN. 

You might need to whip out a jackhammer to get these fuckers off. The polish is really strong and doesn't chip. This is awesome for someone like me who would rather a colour last up to a month long without needing a cotton ball soaked in remover, but if you're really flaky about changing the colour of your nails, you might want to take caution. 



Godiva is actually the prettiest nude shade I've ever tried. It's this really gorgeous pale champagne with ivory shimmer that really just adapts well to the skin tone of your fingers. 

I plan on using this shade if I ever get married in the future. 

TIP: this colour looks really nice if you wear a "my nails but better" nude shade all over and then this as an accent on your ring finger. 


This colour is like a blackened gunmetal with silver, gold, and black sparkles in it. It's a really pretty edgy alternative to just plain black nails. 

If you're interested in trying a textured nail polish and you don't know where to turn, I HIGHLY recommend the Zoya Pixie Dust range. 

They've also popped out a summer collection that has a million neon bright shades in this formulation for those of you who think the regular range is a bit too neutral. I know I'll be picking up a bright one as well as the red one very soon. 

You can find these at or Ulta in stores. doesn't ship Zoya nail polishes for some reason.



-Do you dig the textured nails trend?
-Have you tried any other textured nail polishes? 
-Did you notice that those were Chris' hands? 
(he's such a good nail model though)


  1. I love that you use Chris for nail polish swatches. I think I might try the same with my boyfriend ... I mean, that's what they're good for right?

  2. These look awesome. I'm not sure why, but there are lots of places that can't ship nail polishes internationally. I have heard this before but need to look into why - when I can be bothered to google it!

  3. The Godiva one looks stunning Rachel! Ahaha I really didn't noticed that those were Chris hands! xx

  4. i need these!
    and omg i died when i read that they're chris' hands hahahah. how cute of him to do that for you!

  5. i normally don't like textured nails but glitter is my exception AND THESE ARE SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. im definately getting some, thanks for showing them to us!!

  6. what good is a boyfriend if you cant paint their nails and shit

  7. I have a really bad habit of picking my nail polish off, so I'm really hesitant to buy any of the textured shades. I feel like it would be way too much fun to pick.

  8. Ah.. I fell in love with the textured polishes too. I got Jinx from OPI and it is an awesome orange red with gold sparkles. Looks like sugar on my nails.. It is so pretty!! Now, I want Godiva hehe..

  9. I'm a male nail polish blogger, and I approve of this post

    srsly tho, I'm just starting to get into the textured nail polish trend, and these Zoya's are like #1 on my wish list. <3

    1. PS I think Chris needs a little burt's bees on them cuticles ;)

  10. I need these polishes in my life haha!
    Also the reason most sites don't ship nail polish is because it's a flammable product :)

  11. Great post! Those polishes are gorgeous! :)

    Kelly xx

  12. LOOOOVE this post.

  13. That pale nail polish is so stunning, bet it looks incredible on the nails! Such an amazing colour.