Saturday, October 19, 2013

REVIEW & SWATCH: Too Faced "A few of my favourite things" Set

Okay I know it's been a little while since I've posted! I've been focusing a lot of my time on my videos and I feel like I've neglected my website! I promise that I'll be posting much more frequently as the weeks go on. 

Also in case you haven't noticed, Chloe has given my website a new look! I love it! 

Anyway, today's review is on one of Too Faced's holiday sets for 2013. This particular set caught my eye simply for the value for the amount of product you're getting. 

So without further ado, I present to you the Too Faced "A few of my favourite things" Set! 

So this set includes a chevron makeup case, a palette containing 20 eyeshadows, two blushes, two bronzers, a lip product, and a mini mascara. 


This is now the second Too Faced mascara I've tried. I really love the brush on this mascara because it's  nice and fat at both ends making your lashes really flare out. 

The formula is a really rich black that's a little on the wetter side. It coats all of your lashes evenly and allows for you to comb them out and make sure there aren't clumps. 

I didn't notice any smudging or flaking which is really nice because I normally wear waterproof just because I'm paranoid. I also really liked how well it held my lash curl without being a waterproof formula. 

*If you'd like a demo of this mascara let me know in the comments*

in the shade "bee sting" 

Okay Too Faced, I've tried lip "plumping" products in the past with little to no success. As I'm sure you guys know, I barely have lips to begin with, so I'm always intrigued by these plumping products. 

Most lip plumping products have a mild tingling sensation usually due to a mint or cinnamon ingredient added to make lips appear fuller by essentially irratating them. I've tried other plumpers in the past and have never really minded that tingling sensation....


Okay that might've been a little harsh, but god damn this product really hurt. At first it felt like a normal lip plumper, but the longer it was left on the more and more it HURT. I had to end up wiping it off because I couldn't stand the sensation. 

(ignore my terrible skin in this photo)

As far as pigmentation goes (not that I'm going to try wearing this guy again), it gave me a nice sheer tint of nude but I also found it was a little too warm for my skin. 

Overall, this is the only thing about this set I don't like, but because of the palette's performance, I don't think it was a waste to buy this set (seeing as you can only get this palette in this set) despite the lip product being such shit. 


Too Faced has come a long way with their palettes since I've been purchasing them. The quality of their eyeshadows have vastly improved over the years and their most recent palettes are so buttery and pigmented and really remind me of other brands that I like and normally would turn to for my eyeshadow needs. 

This palette is by far the best quality eyeshadow wise that Too Faced has put out that I've tried. With only one shade that I don't care for out of 20, I am very impressed. 

(going from left to right, four at a time)

  • snowflakes: a pale yellow gold champagne
  • whiskers on kittens: a pale peach matte with gold sparkle 
    • (the only shadow I didn't like. it felt really stiff, chalky, and applied unevenly. it reminds me of shadows too faced USED to put out)
  • chocolate milk: a rich warm light brown matte
  • moon on their wings: a metallic gold with chunky glitter 
    • (fall out is inevitable, but it is very pigmented and with a sticky base works very well)

  • dark chocolate: the perfect rich dark espresso brown matte
  • cream colored ponies: a super intensely pigmented matte cream
  • honey honey: a very warm metallic gold shimmer
  • buche de noel: a metallic bronze

  • evergreen: a deep emerald green with specks of golden shimmer
  • blue satin sashes: a matte rich navy blue with a hint of gold sparkle
    • one of the most unique shades in the palette
  • coquet: a pale pink/gold duo chrome
    • really beautiful as an inner corner highlight
  • taffy: an opaque baby pink shimmer with silver reflects 

  • crisp apple strudel: a warm deep copper with golden shimmer
  • woolen mittens: a light ashy matte brown 
  • soiree: a deep burgundy matte with golden specks of glitter
  • tinsel: a metallic antique gold 

  • bluff: a blue and plum duochrome shimmer
    • really unique shade
  • ooh la orchid: a bright matte magenta
    • needs a little love, but can be built to the intensity of the pan 
  • party time: a sheer blue and purple duochrome
    • really interesting shade. it's like a lighter less intense version of bluff but it's like a really pretty shade on it's own or layered
  • pure glam: matte black with silver flecks of sparkle

I think the eyeshadows are a perfect mix of neutrals and brights, but there are some really unique shades in here that you don't normally find within the same palette. I think for the price point and the quality of the shadows (among all the extras you get) this is something I would definitely reach for instead of something like Urban Decay's Vice 2. 

My only gripe is that most of the matte shades (apart from the orchid colour and some of the browns) have some sparse glitter in them. The glitter mostly goes away or ends up on your face and you are just left with the matte shade anyway, so why even add the glitter? 

I wasn't a fan of whiskers on kittens and I think party time and ooh la orchid need a little extra care to be as beautiful as in the pan, but overall it's a really great eyeshadow palette. 


The second half of this palette contains four face products and a booklet of inspirational looks. 

The eyeshadows are so random in colour (it doesn't seem like a super holiday palette or a springy palette, it's kinda got a mix of all the seasons in there), but the face part of this palette screams spring/summer. 

I found that the face products in this palette were very warm, so they might not suit everyone's skin. 

Too Faced was also not shy at all with pigment here, so if you are fair skinned you might want to be careful about what brush you use when applying these. 

(swatches from left to right)

  • raindrops on roses: a bright pink with golden shimmer
  • chocolate soleil: a warm matte bronzer
    • I still prefer MILK chocolate for my skin tone, but this would make a great eyeshadow
  • melt into spring: an intensely pigmented matte coral
    • this is one of the most pigmented blushes I've ever come across
    • would also make an excellent eyeshadow
  • sun bunny: a super warm metallic bronzer
    • this would look amazing as a highlighter on darker skin tones, but for me it's wayyyyyy too snooki
    • definitely planning on using this as an eyeshadow

So all in all, this entire set is $56 and if you added up each thing individually it would normally cost you over $400

I think this is a great set (apart from the lip product) for people wanting to build their eyeshadow collection or try out Too Faced products overall. 

For reference, this set is still cheaper than Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette which doesn't include face products, eye products, or lip products. 

-Which set of four shades is your favourite? 
-What holiday collections are you looking forward to most? 
-Are all lip plumpers a huge joke or? 


  1. You can totally delete my comment but 'ado' is.. well, ado not adue. I just noticed it, so wanted to help out. Meanwhile, I do hope you blog more! Your swatches are nice and close up, and really give us an idea of accurate colour!

  2. I love your reviews, they're so helpful! and I love the eyshadow colours!
    How do you swatch them? Do you just dip in a brush and paint it on?

  3. I got a lip injection sample with a Too Faced purchase and had the same horrible burning experience! I felt like even after I wiped it off it took a while for the burning sensation to go away. HOPEFULLY Too Faced will take note of this problem and change the formula.

  4. If you can't deal with the stinging sensation of the lip plumper, put a lip balm on beforehand. The lip balm will give your lips a safe coating, and it won't sting as much!
    I really love this set! I saw it in my local sephora, and I just couldn't pass it up! Those eyeshadows are simply brilliant! I love all the colors! I wish they would have included a highlighter in the face section instead of 2 different bronzers, or at least a cool toned and a warm toned bronzer!!

  5. Absolutely LOVING those swatches! They seriously have improved. Aw chocolate soleil was my very first bronzer :) Glad to see it back in a set!

  6. i really want to try that mascara, im in love with the Lashgasm mascara, so if its as awesome as that...

  7. i would love a demo of that mascara

  8. This is awesome! Thanks for the review - I'm actually waiting for this to come in the mail and I'm super excited. I didn't realize the lip balm was of the plumping variety... Slightly disappointment about that (I should have picked that up from "injection" being in the name. Oh well, I would still have bought it nonetheless).
    I can't wait to try out a brown and gold smoky eye with dark chocolate, cream coloured ponies, honey honey and buche de noel!

  9. This palette is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen, do you have any idea where I could buy this internationally?

  10. In Europe you can buy it at

  11. doesn't have it,nor does

  12. I managed to get my hands on this palette just after Christmas, which was a feat as only one place had it in the UK! I really love this palette and for the price you get a lot for it! I feel for you on the Color Bomb, I didn't realise it was a lip plumper until I was swatching for my blog and felt the lips tingle :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

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