Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FCS Valentine's Day Goodies!

This morning I woke up to a little early Valentine's day present from Fortune Cookie Soap! Well, by morning I mean 2 p.m. because we had a snow day and I took the liberty to sleep in as late as possible. 

Anyway, today's post is sexy as hell, because I'm gonna share with you the things I got from the FCS Valentine's day collection! 

First up we have a fortune cookie soap (shocked?) named "So Cliche" which is hot pink, sparkly, and has a fake diamond ring in it! The name is appropriate for all the millions of people who get proposed to on Vday, and it smells like the most delicious floral medley ever. 

FCS then added three Steam Me Up Scottys (shower fizzes for all you non bath takers!) wrapped in red foil so they look like little chocolates! These are my second favourite scent in the collection (the next product is my favourite) with notes of pomegranate. 

Then we have these two jolly looking massage bars in the scent "Happy Ending" (ooh la la) with appropriate little smiley faces on them. The scent is the same scent (new name) as the OCD hand sanitizer from the Christmas box that Chris and I were OBSESSING THE FUCK OVER! These smell fucking incredible (musky and sexy) and they melt really easily (so be careful) for a nice smelling solid lotion.

A lip balm!? I was so excited to see this, and I'm always pleased when FCS adds something new to the mix. This cute little tin of lip balm in the hilarious name "Blow Up Doll" smells exactly like something from my childhood, but unfortunately the name is just not coming to me. FCS describes the scent as "strawberries with smushed sugar". It's a nice idea, although not the most moisturizing lip balm in the world, but the name sells it for me. 

This dusting powder is also a new thing (at least to me) from FCS. The scent is "Nooner" which is a very feminine scent and you can use this all over your lady bits or FCS you can sprinkle it on your sheets! The packaging is adorable, but it does take quite a few shakes to get some out of the shaker top. 

If I had to choose three things from the Valentine's Day collection for you guys to get:
  1. HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE BARS (the scent is to die for)
This collection is adorable and like an actual perfect gift for your ~~valentine~~


  1. Yay! A blog post! :) Wait... what the heck is dusting powder supposed to do for your lady bits? Is it just for the scent?