Name: Rachel
: 21
Major: communication studies major with a minor in english
College: Millersville University
Year: senior
Layout by: Chloe


Is your hair colour natural?
Nope! I've been dying my hair red since high school. 

How do you keep your skin clear?
I have a few videos on the subject, but mostly good genes and consistent product use. 

How do you do your eyebrows?
You can watch this tutorial I have here. 

Do you whiten your teeth/have had braces?
I use a whitening rinse (crest 3D white) and I have never had braces

What foundation do you use?
Laura Mercier silk creme

What eyeliner do you use?
Maybelline black gel liner

Top 5 most used beauty products?
1. lorac pro palette
2. maybelline gel liner in black
3. lancome le crayon poudre eyebrow pencil
4. anastasia brow gel 
5. m.a.c lipstick in diva

Overall favourite makeup brand?

If I haven't answered a beauty question here, check out my channel for many more answers. 

87daysbefore what? what does that even mean?
It's reference to my favourite book, Looking For Alaska by John Green. It's the title of one of the more funny chapters in the book. My youtube channel name "Icallitambrosia" is also a tribute to the novel as well. 

How did you start making videos?
The summer before college, I received a laptop for graduation and I discovered ranting to a webcam could be quite therapeutic. 

Do you have any advice for people starting up youtube channels?
Claim something that makes you stand out as an individual. In a sea as large as the beauty community, having your own distinct personality shine through is important to stand out amongst the crowd. Don't be afraid to act boldly and don't censor yourself. 

How come you didn't answer my tweet/comment/question/message?
I'm on five different social networking accounts, so sometimes it's hard to answer all of the questions and comments I recieve. On my Tumblr alone, I receive upwards to a thousand "asks" daily. I try and read and respond to as many questions as I can, but I usually don't answer statements/compliments (though I really do appreciate them) or questions that can be answered in one of my videos or my FAQ. 

How long have you and chris been dating/how have you met/general chris questions?
We've been dating for over two years now, and I have plenty of videos about him on my channel. Check out my boyfriend tag for the most info about that fucker. 

What's with the british spellings of words?
The Brits are not the only ones to use extra U's here and there. I just think it looks nicer and it's just become habit for me. I'm not trying to pretend I'm from England or Canada or something. 

Do you curse as much in your videos in real life?
Well there's a time and a place for everything. I do have quite the dirty mouth, but I know when to tone it down (I.E work, class, interviews etc). I do speak that ...flamboyantly normally when I'm excited or pissed off. To each their own. 

What do you friends/roommates/parents think of your internet success?
My close friends and family are extremely supportive. A lot of other people in my life have been bitter or weird about it, but I honestly stopped giving a shit years ago. People who don't like when other people find success are not people you need in your life. 

How do you deal with hate or negativity?
I think you just have to realize that you can't please everyone. Not everyone is going to like everything about you, so just make what you want to make and do it for yourself and the people that appreciate that. If you take too much time listening to the negativity, you'll stop having fun doing what you're doing. It's just best to ignore it and carry on. 

How do you feel about sponsorships?
I've only just begun to receive sponsorships myself, but I do have a strong opinion on it. I do no think it is wrong at all to accept or receive products for review if you are 100% honest about that product. Typically I used sponsored products only in reviews where I weigh the pros and cons. I do not stand by making a video (such as a tutorial or OOTD) for the sole purpose of being able to give a shout out to a sponsorship. Without even meaning to, you are being inclined to make that video for sponsorship, not out of personal want. I also try and make sure I make the majority (and by majority I mean a hefty majority) of my videos unsponsored and keep the sponsored reviews to about 5%. If you are only uploading videos when there is a free product involved, there is a problem. Most of us started out doing this as a hobby and didn't intend on gaining anything from it other than a creative outlet. Don't let that go away.